June 25, 2018

UN Special Envoy to Somalia visits Somaliland to diffuse tension with Puntland State

The special envoy of the UN to Somalia Ambassador Michael Keating reached today Somaliland accompanied by delegates to mitigate the escalating military tension between Puntland state and Somaliland.

Mr. Keating had a meeting with the newly elected president Musa Bihi Abdi in Hargeysa, the capital of the self breakaway region.

The meeting touched on matters relating to political developments, security, democracy, economic and humanitarian assistance.

Speaking to the media, Ambassador Keating noted the discussion he had with president Bihi on security, how to develop job creation for the youth and health.

Ambassador Keating raised the new security crisis emerged at the border between Somaliland and Puntland on the location Tukaraq in Sool region pointing out that the solution does not lie in exchanging firearms but through negotiations.

“My role is to lessen the tension and giving the upper hand on how the two can start a dialogue. If there is a dispute, military offensive is not the solution and the way to solve the current problem” said Ambassador Keating.

2 days ago Somaliland attacked Tukaraq, a remote border controlled by Puntland state overrunning the local forces prompting a declaration of retaliation from the state president D. Abdiweli Ali Gaas to defend their territory at all cost.

Separately, Ambassador Keating mentioned the airspace dispute Somalia and Somaliland highlighting a tripartite negotiation between Somali, Somaliland and ICAO to settle the matter.

Mid December 2017 Somalia regained the management of its airspace after more than two decades.

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Aragtida Akhristayaasha

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